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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CBT?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a course that was first introduced by the government in 1990 to help reduce accidents upon new riders by teaching students basic skills before they can ride unaccompanied on the road.

Who needs to take a CBT?

You don’t have to take a CBT if you want to ride a moped (up to 50cc) and you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 otherwise anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle on the road from the age of 16 and over will need to take a CBT.

How much does a CBT cost?

A CBT costs £175 and is usually done on a two student to one instructor basis and we require full payment at time of booking. We do offer a VIP CBT course which is on a One to One Basis which is £300.

Who will benefit from a VIP CBT?

First time riders or people who are nervous/anxious could benefit from a VIP course as the instructor will be giving you their full attention.

What does a CBT involve?

The CBT has 5 elements. These are as follows:

Introduction to the CBT, helmets and clothing and an eyesight test where you will be asked to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. If you require glasses to do this you will be asked to wear your glasses for the rest of the course. You will learn the controls of the motorcycle, daily checks and maintenance. On site riding followed by a pre road ride briefing discussing Highway Code and road positioning and lastly a road ride on the public highway.

How long is the CBT course?

The CBT is a day course lasting up to 7 hours, however, if you have previous riding experience it can take less time.

If I take my CBT on an automatic motorbike can I still ride a manual?

Yes if you decide take your CBT on an automatic bike you still have a manual entitlement and if you take your CBT on manual bike you can still ride an automatic.

Can you fail a CBT test?

The CBT is not a test it is a training day so you theoretically cannot 'pass or fail'. Although you can't fail a CBT test, you may be asked to come back for additional training if the instructor feels that you have not met the required standards set by the DVSA to ride on the road. This will incur a further cost.

Can I still take my CBT if I don’t have my own motorcycle gear?

Yes. We can loan you Helmets, jackets and gloves at no extra cost. However, we ask you to wear a minimum protection of thick trousers or jeans, a long sleeve top or T-shirt and riding boots or walking boots NOT steel toecaps. If you do not have this minimum protection you may be turned away and a refund will not be given.

Is all the training completed on site?

Yes. Apart from the road ride all elements of the CBT will be completed on site and in our classroom. The classroom is heated and has a kitchen area and changing room. There are also onsite toilets and washrooms. Click here to see a video of our classroom and facilities.

What do I need to learn before taking my CBT?

You will need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the Highway Code as you will be asked questions regarding junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights etc. Click here to check out the Highway Code for more guidance.

Do I need a theory test to do my CBT?

No. You do not need to pass a theory test to do a CBT however; you will be asked questions about the Highway Code. A Theory will be required if you wish to obtain a full motorcycle licence.

Do I need to take a specific motorcycle theory?

Yes. A car theory is not valid and you will need to take a theory test specific to motorcycle riding. Click here to book a theory test.

Do I need a driving licence to do a CBT?

Yes you will need a UK provisional or full valid driving licence before you can take your CBT.

At what minimum age can I apply for a licence?

You can apply for your provisional licence 3 months before your 16th birthday. Click here to apply for your licence.

What if I have lost my photo card driving licence?

You must present your valid driving licence to your instructor before you are able to start your CBT course. The old style paper counterpart is acceptable as long as you present a current passport.

What size motorcycle can I ride on a CBT certificate?

At 16 you will be able to ride a 50cc motorcycle restricted to 28 mph. At 17 and older you will be able to ride a 125cc. You will not be able to ride on the motorway or carry a passenger.

Can I do my CBT on my own bike?

Yes. You can as long as it is roadworthy, has tax, insurance and a current MOT. L Plates must be displayed front and rear. They must be clearly displayed, 7 inch square and not cut down.

How long does my CBT certificate last?

The CBT certificate lasts for 2 years. You will NOT be sent a reminder when it is due for renewal.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes. We can provide personalised gift voucher to any value.


What’s next?

If you have completed your CBT and theory test you may be ready to move on to a larger motorcycle. You will first need a transition lesson to prepare you to ride a more powerful motorcycle before further training can commence.

What is DAS?

DAS is a test that is taken on a large unrestricted motorcycle. You’re only eligible to take this route if you are over the age of 24. You will first need to complete a CBT and a theory test. Once you have passed both Module 1 and Module 2 test you will obtain a full A category license and you can ride any engine size motorcycle.

I’m between the age of 19 and 24. What licence can I obtain?

Your route will be A2 licence. This will restrict you to ride a motorcycle that is no larger than 35kw or 47bhp. Our A2 training motorcycles are restricted 2019 ABS Yamaha MT07’s which are 700cc motorcycles with a restrictor kit. You will need to have completed a CBT and theory test first.

Progressive Access – If you took your A2 test when you were 19, after 2 years you can choose to take a Progressive Access Module 1 and Module 2 test on an unrestricted motorcycle to derestrict your licence. You will not need another CBT or theory.

Accelerated Access – If you take your A2 test and you reach the age of 24 before the 2 years are up you can choose to take an Accelerated Access module 1 and module 2 test to derestrict your licence. You will not need to take another CBT or theory.

What is an A1 licence?

At the age of 17 this licence allows you to ride a 125cc motorcycle without L Plates. You can ride on the motorways and carry a passenger. You will need a current CBT and theory test and complete module 1 and module 2 tests. After 2 years you can choose the Progressive Access route to gain an A2 licence.

You will not have to retake your CBT or theory.

What is involved in a Module 1 and Module 2 test?

A Module 1 test consists of motorcycle manoeuvres on a tarmac area to ensure that you have the basic skills to control the motorcycle. The test will be conducted by a DVSA examiner at a test site. All training will be carried out at our site. You will need to pass your module 2 test to obtain your licence. Click here to watch the DVSA Module 1 video and find out more.

A Module 2 test consists of a road ride followed by a DVSA examiner and lasts for approximately 35 minutes. All road training will be conducted before your test. Click here to watch the DVSA Module 2 video and find out more.

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